By Daniel Hunter

The self-proclaimed world's first truly ergonomic chair has raised £900,000 through crowdfunding.

The FreedMan Chair is designed to alleviate and prevent back pain and address the problems associated with prolonged sitting.

In the UK, 2.5 million people suffer from back pain every day, costing the UK £12.3bn a year. In 2013, almost 31 million work days were lost as a result of back, neck and muscle problems.

It is the only chair in the world which allows the spine and pelvis to achieve the same posture in sitting as when standing.

Simon Freedman, creator of the Freedman chair, said: “We are absolutely delighted to close our funding round. This capital will allow us to fully unlock Freedman’s next stage of growth and gets us one step closer to helping the countless people who suffer from muscle and back pain.”