By Adam Jon Stacey, Fresh Business Thinking

It has become increasingly popular for people to use tablets in work as opposed to using them just for play (see: reading the newspaper!), largely due to the introduction of the corporate tablet.

The days of lugging around heavy laptops and charger cables on your daily commutes are long gone, and introduced in its place is the convenience of a laptop in the guise of a tablet.

And, unsurprisingly, right at the forefront of this movement you’ll find Dell, with its Venue 11 Pro.

The tablet, which boasts a 10.8" Full HD (1080p) display, Intel® Atom™ processor, 64GB memory and removable battery, is really at the top of its game when it comes to tablets.

With prices starting at £311, the Venue Pro 11 is most definitely an investment. However, with its sturdy build and ample memory, it is an investment that can surely be justified, and lets be honest, is a lot cheaper than some of the other tablets currently available on the market.

The interface of the Venue Pro 11 is intuitive, responsive and easy to use, especially with the introduction of the stylus, and all of this is aided by how fast the Venue 11 Pro is - running multiple programmes at once is a breeze for this machine. The 8MP camera is excellent, and the front facing 2MP camera carries out its purpose sufficiently.

The build quality of the Venue 11 Pro is excellent; using practical materials that offer good grip and don’t show finger smudges (hurrah!), unlike most tablets on the market; and it feels sturdy, like it wouldn’t shatter if you dropped it.

It’s also a very good looking machine - using gloss and matt black materials in a simple yet sophisticated design - especially when placed on its desktop dock or attached to either of the portable keyboards that Dell offer as optional extras.

The optional tablet dock, which offers a HDMI port, numerous USB slots, and an Ethernet port, as well as having a separate battery, is a triumph; along with the mobile tablet keyboard. The slim keyboard at times feels a little flimsy, however, this is to be expected, as its purpose is to be as light and portable as possible.

Unfortunately, there is one stand out feature of the Venue 11 Pro that simply cannot be ignored: its weight. The Venue 11 Pro is not a slim or light machine, and it never will be. On its own it weighs 0.71kg, and this situation is only exacerbated when you add on the detachable keyboards. It isn’t the sort of tablet that you would want to use if you didn’t have access to a desk every 10 or so minutes to give your arms a break!

Overall, the Dell Venue Pro 11 is a standout within the world of tablets. With its sophisticated design, responsive interface, and fantastic accessories, the tablet really is excellent.

If you are looking for a tablet that won’t let you down for work, and offers the dual functionality of a tablet and a desktop, then you definitely won’t be disappointed with this.

Fresh Rating: 4 out of 5