By Marcus Leach

Felicity Jackson became the first of the girls to be fired by Lord Sugar in the seventh series of hit show The Apprentice.

24-year-old Jackson felt she was stabbed in the back by Ellie Reed and Natasha Scribbens after things turned ugly following the beauty challenge Lord Sugar set the teams.

The actress admitted she deserved to get the boot after the team made a loss under her guidance.

"I was project manager and the task was awful, it went really badly," she said.

"I think when it goes that badly you do have to bear some responsibility on the project managers shoulders and unfortunately that was me."

Lord Sugar set the teams the challenge of finding two beauty treatments and selling them to shoppers in Birmingham. Having missed out on spray tan treatment to Team Venture Jackson's Team Logic went for hair accessories and a hot shell massage treatment.

However, Jackson was heavily criticised by Lord Sugar for focusing on selling products rather than treatments. Jackson's team finished with a loss of £247, while Venture, selling cold stone pedicures and spray tans, made a profit of £203.

Fellow team mates Reed and Scribbens turned on Jackson for buying too many products and offering too many free treatments.

"This was a disastrous task and a lot of decisions werent really made. After the tense showdown, the three women left the building without a handshake," Lord Sugar said on firing Jackson.