By Marcus Leach

With the drama of last week's double firing this week The Apprentice gets back to basics as the two teams head for a rubbish dump.

After Lord Sugar explains the value of things we throw away he balances the teams up and sets them about the task; to create a junk collection business.

Both teams split their resources, half out picking up rubbish in the trucks, the other half quoting on collection of big clearances arranged by Lord Sugar.

Lord Sugar is hoping they can spot the items of value amongst the real waste, as they must pay to dispose of this. Will they bid low to shift everything or offer to collect for free in a bid to cover their costs.

The task begins to take its toll, both mentally and physically, as one of the team leaders breaks down in tears. The task not made easier by quick-witted builders and cockney scrap dealers as plans begin to fall apart. Thankfully for both teams some quick thinking saves the day.

However, with the numbers too close to call it seems Lord Sugar is faced with a tough decision until one team stumbles. This leaves Lord Sugar with no choice but to find somebody to blame, and ultimately tell, 'You're fired'.

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