By Max Clarke

Tesco PLC are evolving their ‘own-brand’ product line concept, with the aim of developing their own popular, globally available brands in a range of products.

First to hit Tesco (LSE: TSCO)’s shelves is their chokablok ice cream. Made under the aegis of an “expert team of master cremeliers’ with more than 100 years experience between them.,Chokablok is a luxury ice cream made from an indulgent blend of the finest ingredients including real chocolate, whole milk, double cream and free- range eggs”.

The brand, though currently stocked only in selected Tesco outlets, retails at £3.99 per 500ml. The pricing immediately puts the brand in direct competition with other luxury icecreams including Ben & Jerry’s and is appreciably more expensive than Tesco’s labelled own brand products.

Chokablok has been launched as a ‘venture brand’, designed to further reach the spread of the UK’s premium retailer. Unlike other Tesco products, chokablok’s website makes no mention of its links to its parent supermarket, beyond a simple ‘available at Tesco’, emphasising the brand’s autonomy.

“Our venture brands are very different to own-label,” said Tesco brand developer, Sidonie Kingsmill to Marketing Magazine, “they will never be "me-too" products. We look at where the customer opportunities are, where brands are not succeeding and what we can do in addition to brands. We’re in a unique position as the biggest retailer, with access to the best suppliers worldwide.”

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