By Daniel Hunter

Businesses in and around London will need to look at new technology such as video conferencing facilities to ensure meetings and events go ahead as planned during this summer’s busiest period, according to a new opinion-based report, released this week.

With London playing host to the world’s biggest sporting event this summer, the report offers advice for commuters who could face losing up to three working days during this busy period, due to travel disruptions on the underground.

The Business As Usual report, from IET Venues, a premier family of venues across London, Birmingham and Glasgow has illustrated that with the potential loss in time and subsequently productivity, businesses need to consider alternative methods to conduct business.

Through an analysis of delays expected on the underground, rail and road, IET Venues advises businesses that video conferencing technology is the key to continue as normal during this summer’s sporting events. With extra transport waiting times of up to 30 minutes or more, commuters travelling to and from work could lose up to 30 working hours during the peak of this period (29th July — 9th August) resulting in a significant loss of productivity.

“With less than 100 days to go, IET Venues is, like the rest of the country, excited by the opportunities that this summer will bring to the UK. While London’s transport system will be pushed to its limits, businesses are taking the time to consider alternative routes and methods such as video conferencing facilities, to avoid any unnecessary delays to meetings and events and subsequent business productivity,” says Sean Spencer, Group Manager, IET Venues.

The report analyses 29 of the most central tube stations affected by the influx of spectators, officials and athletes. With 80 per cent of those attending events expected to travel by rail along some of the busiest commuter tube lines, including the Jubilee, Central and Northern lines, Londoners have been warned that waits could exceed over half an hour for tubes at some of these stations. For the average commuter, working 8 hours a day, from 9-5, travelling to and from work, this will mean a significant loss or time during the peak of this period where over 20 events will be taking place in London.

Drawing attention to those travelling by road, the report breaks down the delays drivers will experience on 19 of the major routes into and out of London during the morning and evening rush hour. With a cumulative total of 1,221 minutes of delays from 29th July to 9th August, those choosing to travel by car will extend their normal working week by up to 20 hours.

“Travel in and around London will be essential for most, and businesses will need to continue as normal. With such technology at their disposal, video conferencing will be the key to surviving the chaos and guaranteeing these essential meetings happen, as planned and on time,” Spencer added.

Through this opinion-based report, IET Venues is reaching out to businesses and event planners to make them aware of the benefits of video conferencing and media packages to ensure business can run as normal. Investing in new HD video conferencing facilities, IET Venues has prepared for the expected travel chaos, by offering its customers the technology to save on time and travel costs throughout the year.

“With the world’s eyes on London, there is little room for any interruptions to the running of this summer’s sporting events. The investment made has been great and will no doubt provide London with a lasting legacy that will continue the momentum gained well into the future,” Spencer concluded.

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