By Daniel Hunter

Communications specialist and cloud computing company Qubic says that technology can play a key role in helping businesses grow more quickly.

The British Chambers of Commerce’s latest quarterly survey of 8,000 small and medium-sized businesses says that the pace of activity is too slow for a sustainable recovery.

The survey found a further small rise in exporting activity among both the service sector and manufacturing firms in the three months to the end of June. Domestic activity, however, showed little net overall change.

“Small and medium-sized businesses have been particularly badly hit by the economic downturn and are therefore the ones most in need of extra support to enable them to grow more," said Chris Papa, the Managing Director of Qubic.

“Technology can help by streamlining these companies’ operations and making them more efficient, in particular those who have limited resources in terms of staff and capital. Using technology to create efficiencies can actually save costs and allow companies to operate far more effectively.

“A wide variety of hosted services are now available, and more and more businesses are making use of the opportunities offered. Every business can find a service that will suit their needs and their budget and allow them to make use of the latest in innovative technology without the burdensome capital overhead traditionally associated with leading-edge technology.

“Nowadays technology need not be expensive, and more companies should make use of its enormous potential to empower their staff to be more effective at their jobs and excel at what they do best, running their business and serving their own customers. This is definitely a way to help businesses grow.”

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