By Daniel Hunter

The website for Hungary’s Olympic team recorded the fastest average download speed during the Games, with Great Britain out of the medal positions in fourth, a report from website monitoring and performance testing specialist NCC Group has revealed.

The study analysed the website performance of all countries taking part in the Games, measuring the average download speed of their team’s site over a 2 Mbps connection throughout the 16 day period.

Hungary topped the table with an average speed of 3.33 seconds, with Great Britain recording 11.66 seconds — over two seconds slower than it takes Usain Bolt to run 100m. However, even this was almost 4 seconds quicker than the overall average of 16.1 seconds.

“Hungary’s performance is commendable, but they probably had fewer visitors to deal with compared with the likes of the USA or Russia," Bob Dowson, director at NCC Group, said.

Only the gold medal winner came in under 6 seconds, which is the target retail websites aim for with a 2 Mbps connection. The results suggest that most of the websites were not prepared for the deluge of visitors during the sixteen day period of the Games.

“Websites that know visitor numbers will increase are in a strong position — they have time to prepare their systems to ensure they can cope with higher traffic," Dowson continued.

“With a sluggish average speed of above 16 seconds, it’s fair to say none of the Olympic teams’ websites will have broken any world records.

“This is a good lesson for any companies that are expecting higher online visitor numbers at a specific time: undertake load testing to ensure your site offers the best customer experience possible.”

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