By Francesca James

TBG Digital, the leading global marketing and technology company specialising in Facebook and social media advertising campaigns, today released a blueprint of what they believe are the top ten traits needed to succeed in the social media advertising space.

The meteoric rise of social networks and Facebook in particular has spawned the need for a new generation of digital marketing specialists who are able grasp the intricacies of marketing to niches at scale while managing strategic client relationships. TBG believes this new and largely uncharted market space requires a blend of traits including a high degree of commercial acumen, technical and inter-personal skills, as well as a dose of secret inner geekiness.

TBG has been a pioneer in social media advertising and now, with offices in the UK, US, France and Germany the company deploys highly successful advertising programmes for global brands, managing campaigns for more than 90 companies in over 40 countries. TBG has analysed the key personal traits, characteristics, attitudes and aptitudes of its staff and come up with the top ten traits needed to succeed in this new market:

• Analytical, numerical, technical and creative

• Strong background in or an explicit understanding of direct response

• High level of commercial awareness

• A ‘closet geek’.

• Highly self-motivated

• Confident not arrogant

• Humble and willing

• Open minded and objective

• Sociable and likeable

• Calm under pressure

“One of the difficulties when working in new and high growth markets is that it can be extremely difficult to identify and hire the right staff,” says Simon Mansell, CEO TBG Digital. “While we may not put candidates through a 12 week interview process such as that on the Apprentice we are very clear about what it takes to make it in this industry. In a market estimated to be worth $4 billion, finding individuals with the right mindset is just as important as their actual skill set. We need to be able to quickly and accurately identify whether candidates have the key aptitudes and attitudes needed for specific roles and establish whether they will fit into what is a highly-charged, fast-moving environment.”

“In this industry, success is due to an individual’s ability to not simply react to changes, but anticipate and create original and highly relevant social media strategies. This requires individual’s to demonstrate and draw on their mental agility, self-belief and passion to get the job done, whatever is thrown at them. Individual drive and an ability to remain calm under pressure is not something that you can train someone in, either you have it or you don’t. We recognised at an early stage that individuals’ with certain traits, qualities and characteristics are far more likely to succeed and excel in the various roles that we recruit for,” added Mansell.

“The social media advertising industry is a fiercely competitive sector in which only a handful of people truly thrive,” concludes Mansell. “TBG’s success to date is due to a deep understanding of this evolving space, our investment in appropriate technology platforms, such as ONE Media Manager and our attention to recruiting individuals that have not just the requisite advertising skills but the flexibility of mind to embrace new ways of working.”

About TBG Digital

TBG Digital is a global marketing and technology company, specialising in Facebook advertising and social media marketing. Combining technology with unparalleled experience, the company collaborates with clients to meet their marketing objectives. Founded in 2001, TBG Digital has offices in London, San Francisco, New York, Paris and Hamburg and manages campaigns for more than 90 advertisers targeting in 40+ countries. For more information, please visit our website at www.tbgdigital.com.