By Adrian Booth, Communications Consultant at AB Communications

How many of the world’s 500 million or so people on Facebook, or the millions who use Hotmail Live, realise they already use a form of cloud computing?

It all goes to show the cloud is not a just the next big thing, it is already the big thing!

Somehow the cloud just snuck up on us and now and it turns out we are sitting here in the cloud like Greek gods of old.

So how convinced are you by arguments for moving your business into the troposphere with cloud computing?

Why not take our quick and simple test to see how you feel about the cloud. Click on the click to edit button, then click on full screen view and put a 1 in the yes or no box and see if you agree or disagree with the following statements:

The results

- 15 to 20 Ys: You are gaining confidence in the cloud and seem already close to being convinced this is right for your business. Now you just need to find out more about what different cloud service providers can offer your particular business.

- 10 to 15 Ys: A natural sceptic perhaps? Or maybe you just need to find out a bit more about what cloud based computing can do for your business. There’s plenty of information available online.

- 5 to 10 Ys: Maybe you’ve only just started looking at cloud based solutions and don’t yet realise its potential. Or is it that you are resistant to this natural evolution in computing services? Find out all you can, there’s lots of information available online.

- Less than 5 Ys: Chances are, you like the sound of the cloud, but the problem lies with your internet service provider. Try to find a broadband supplier in your area with high speeds, because the cloud depends on a good internet connection to work effectively.

Watch Tanya Shirlow, SMB Marketing Lead at Microsoft UK, who discusses the advantages of cloud services.


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