By Maximilian Clarke

The Government yesterday (Thursday) unveiled the UK Cyber Security Strategy in an attempt to address the growing threat to government and business posed by cyber crime.

Cyber crime, the government said, is poses a risk to businesses of all sizes, and it is not limited in scope to technological aspects.

Commenting on the news, Mike Maddison, head of UK cybersecurity at leading professional services firm, Deloitte, said:

“Cybercrime has become an increasingly sophisticated and challenging global issue for governments, businesses and individuals to overcome. Today’s launch of the UK Cyber Security Strategy is an encouraging step forward, but it will take international collaboration and a change in mindset for this to truly work.

“Tackling cybercrime requires both national and international effort and collaboration, as opposed to countries working in isolation from one another. Nations will need to establish strong relationships globally to share threat information, and then define and agree norms for acceptable cyber behaviour. While there are legal and risk conversations to be had first, it is hoped such initiatives will help to stamp out state-on-state attacks.

“Companies also need to understand that cybercrime is not just an IT problem, it is a strategic business risk that should be considered at board level as a top priority. The financial and reputational risks of falling victim to a cyber attack are incredibly high, and combating this issue should be addressed at the board level. Often businesses fail at the first hurdle by not getting the basics right, and, as a result, their systems are not secure by design or default. Organisations will need to consider what level of security is acceptable and then develop and implement systems that balance functionality with cost to support their objectives.”

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