By Ben Simmons

Tableau Software, the global leader in rapid-fire business intelligence software, today announced that Gartner, Inc. has positioned Tableau as a “Challenger” in its 2012 Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms report.

Gartner defines a Business Intelligence (BI) platform as a software platform that delivers capabilities around integration, information delivery and analysis. The report evaluated 21 different software vendors and placed Tableau in the Challengers quadrant based on its ability to execute and the company's completeness of vision. The full report is available at no charge for a limited time from the Tableau website.

“Tableau is challenging traditional business intelligence technologies,” said Christian Chabot, Tableau’s CEO and Co-founder. “Tableau is in the Magic Quadrant because customers are benefitting from our disruptive and refreshing approach to business analytics.”

“In 2011, business users continued to exert significant influence over BI decisions, often choosing data discovery products in addition to/as alternatives to traditional BI tools,” according to the report. It continues to state there are “differences between Business Users and IT in how they drive product preferences. The crux of the conflict remains the same as last year: business users demand easy to use, flexible productsthat put analytic power into their own hands, against IT's desire to maintain standards and create a supportable BI environment with predictable performance and quality data.”

Cindy Sedlacek, Technical Lead for the KPI Initiative and Director of Data Administration and Reporting for Cornell University’s College of Arts and Sciences, confirms Tableau’s business intelligence strengths at satisfying business users and IT. “Cornell has a complex database environment yet needs to find ways for users to effectively and efficiently analyze and share data across the colleges and departments,” said Sedlacek. “Tableau has been an excellent self-service business intelligence platform, with the right set of data discovery capabilities and continues to see increased adoption here at Cornell."

Tableau is designed for enterprises to rapidly and visually analyse data in any format and of any size. Tableau’s BI suite brings business dashboards and data visualisation to organisations of all sizes. Tableau Desktop lets people create interactive reports, dashboards and visualisations using an easy drag and drop interface. Tableau Server provides a complete web-based business intelligence solution for distribution, sharing and collaborating.

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