By Ben Simmons

Some of the most innovative companies are launching new apps to adorn Facebook's timeline this week at SXSW in Austin, Texas.

New apps from Foursquare, Nike, The Onion, VEVO, Fandango, Viddy, Endomondo, and RootMusic give people more ways to add their location, fitness, video and media interests to their timeline and share what they love with friends.
In the past two months, nearly 3,000 timeline apps have launched.

These startups are seeing increased engagement and growth:

Pinterest grew its daily active Facebook user base by 60%.
Goodreads increased daily traffic by 77%.
Pose saw 5X growth in signups on its website and mobile app.

Here's a look at the newest timeline apps at SXSW:

Foursquare: Foursquare uses many of the new features announced last week to bring its location app to timeline. People can now add their Foursquare check-ins to their timelines and maps, share their badges and see the top places they've checked into.

Nike: The Nike+ FuelBand is becoming more social through a series of Facebook integrations. As of last week, people can use the Nike FuelBand iPhone app to find friends and see a leader board of how much Fuel they've earned versus their friends. Soon, people will be able to post their achievements and milestones directly to their timeline.

The Onion: Laugh alone no more. People can now log into with their Facebook account to add The Onion content directly to their timeline and share articles and videos as they read and watch. Friends can discover articles in News Feed, and get personalized recommendations on, making "America's finest news source" more social.

VEVO: Vevo introduced a new integration that lets people sign into with their Facebook account, get personalized video playlists based on the artists they've liked, discover new music through friends, and post any music video from Vevo’s massive library directly to their timeline.

Fandango: Movie fans now have another way to bring their favorite films to their timeline. The new Fandango timeline app lets people add the clips they watch, the movies they rate and any films they want to see.

Viddy: Viddy, the mobile app for creating quick videos and adding filters, now lets people add clips to their timelines as they shoot. Now when people film videos from a vacation or everyday life, they can share them to Facebook and collect their clips on the Viddy app for timeline.

Endomondo: Endomondo brought its fitness app to timeline so people can share their workouts, progress and favorite routes with friends on Facebook. Sharing fitness activities with friends makes it easier to coordinate workouts and cheer each other on to new fitness goals.

RootMusic: The new RootMusic timeline app lets people mark their favorite songs and artists and the concerts they plan on attending from the Facebook Pages of bands, like The Stone Foxes. As people click "favorite", "going to go" and "wants to go" on a RootMusic app, their picks will be added to their timeline.

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