By Maximilian Clarke

Afficionados of the electronic cigarette might just be surprised as to where their innovative devices come from.

Electronic cigarettes act as a replacement for traditional cigarettes. Although similar to cigarettes in their appearance and usage, e-cigarettes contain neither tar nor tobacco, and the remaining nicotine is thought to cause just one percent of the harm of regular cigarettes.

The devices show such promise that David Halpern, chair of the Behavioural Insights Team (Government ‘Nudge’ Unit), recently concluded:

"There’s no doubt it can save many lives and hundreds of millions of pounds."

But the root of this growth industry is taking place not in London, but in a little backwater called Swansea.

Swansea is the centre of the only UK ECITA-accredited e-liquid factory, Decadent Vapers, which supplies firms all over the UK, Europe and the rest of the world with its superb Welsh nicotine liquid.

And it’s the home of, also accredited by ECITA, manufacturer of the Smoker’s Halo brand, an electronic cigarette exported to countries as far away as Australia, Japan and Saudi Arabia.

These two are working together to supply superb UK-produced e-liquid to the UK - and beyond!

“Swansea may be a small city, but there’s no doubt that companies and people here have the drive and innovation needed to succeed in today’s world,” concluded Managing Director of E Cigarette Direct, Jean Rasbridge.

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