By Marcus Leach

A fast-growing Sussex insurance specialist has come up with the perfect solution to escalating postage costs — the creation of its own mailing house.

Uckfield-based Affinity Select was counting the cost of posting 10,000 client letters and marketing circulars every week.

But instead of just shopping around for a more competitive price, the company saw a commercial opportunity and set up its own mailing house called Mailing Expert.

As a result it is now offsetting the costs of its own mailing requirements by looking after the direct mail needs of other businesses in the area.

“Even in difficult times, opportunities for growth exist if you are creative and prepared to take risks," a company spokesperson said.

“We took a long hard look at our mailing requirements and realised that not only could we do it ourselves, we could do it better.

"As a business we were in a unique position to be able to do this as we had real in house experience of Data, Direct Mail and Print, plus we could also see things from a client perspective.

“Using the customer service ethos that has seen turnover in PI Expert double in the last 12 months, we have created a mailing house which is already attracting significant new business.”

Mailing Expert is being headed up by industry veteran David Vaughan and Katie Underhill, who between them have over 45 years experience in the print and direct mail trade.

"The key to direct mail is knowledge. There are a wide range of discounts and deals to be had both from Royal Mail and the Mailing Consolidaters which can really drive down delivery costs. Utilising these in conjunction with expert database management can make a huge difference to response rates and, ultimately, the clients' bottom line," David said.

"Mailing Expert is winning new business by combining our knowledge of the postal and data industry with communication techniques such as SMS texting, e-shots and QR codes to gain the maximum impact for our clients campaigns.

“Traditionally direct mail has been used as a stand alone medium, however Mailing Expert has found that when used together these modern technologies can really drive up response rates.

"Our clients really appreciate our direct and friendly approach. We have only been trading a short while, however we have already won work from a number of travel companies, two charities, a chauffeur company, a specialist food emporium and a national PLC.“

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