By Jonathan Davies

One of the Tesco executives suspended as part of an investigation into the £260 million overstated profits will return to work.

Tesco chief executive Dave Lewis said in a staff email that Matt Simister will return to his role as food sourcing director.

Mr Lewis said: "During our work it became clear that Matt, in fact, worked tirelessly to resolve the issues we faced. Matt is one of our most capable leaders, and I am confident his leadership will support our agenda in commercial going forward. Finally, Matt's conduct and contribution during our investigation was exemplary and I'd like to personally thank him for that."

Mr Simister was one of eight executives suspended as the investigation started. Last week, one of the eight left the company.

The Serious Fraud Office is conducting a criminal investigation into the overstatement after Deloitte carried out an internal investigation on behalf of Tesco.

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