By Jonathan Davies

The big four supermarkets have cut fuel prices by 2p per litre after it emerged that a garage in Birmingham was selling petrol for less than £1.

Adding to recent cuts, Asda was the first to announce its 2p let litre cut. It means that drivers will not pay more than 103.7p per litre for petrol at Asda fuel stations, the supermarket said. Diesel will fall to 110.7p. The price cut will take effect tomorrow (Tuesday).

Morrisons soon followed suit and Tesco announced that its 2p cuts would come into force this afternoon.

Sainsbury's is expected to announce price cuts at some point on Monday.

99.7p a litre

At least one petrol station has dropped its petrol prices below £1 per litre.

According to the Birmingham Mail, the price of petrol at Harvest Energy in Kings Heath was 99.7p a litre on Sunday.

It is believed to be the first petrol station in the UK to drop below £1 per litre.

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The latest price cuts come after oil prices dropped to a six-year low.

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