By Daniel Hunter

Following reports last week that the launch of the Sun on Sunday was 'very close' it has been confirmed by News International that it will begin publishing next weekend.

Last week an email from Rupert Murdoch, boss of News Corporation, had informed staff that the launch was very close, and now he has confirmed that he will remain in London to oversea the launch.

News International shut down its Sunday paper, the News of the World, last year amid the scandal over phone hacking.

With so many people left outraged and shocked at the events that lead to the closure of the News of the World paper it will be interesting to see just how popular the Sun on Sunday proves to be.

"As you know, News Corporation has made clear its determination to sort out what has gone wrong in the past and we are fundamentally changing how we operate as a business," News International chief executive Tom Mockridge said in an internal memo.

"The commitment of News Corporation to invest in a new edition is the strongest possible message of support we could wish for.

"This is our moment. I am sure every one of us will seize the opportunity to pull together and deliver a great new dawn for The Sun this Sunday."

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