By Claire West

Summer time will end on Sunday 31 October at 1.00 am GMT throughout European Union Member States. The clocks go back giving an extra hour. This means that at 2.00 am (British Summer Time) the UK will move to 1.00 am GMT.

Not everyone is happy about the move and The Daily Express has been running a campaign called 'Time For Change' to get the Government to rethink the system and work out a way of giving us 'lighter' evenings.

Research carried out by Santander Insurance has shown that darker nights are intimidating and a spokesman said;

“Darker evenings are intimidating for many people and that fear is not unfounded. There is evidence of a strong correlation between crime and darker evenings.”

The 9th EC Directive on summer time harmonised, for an indefinite period, the dates on which summer time begins and ends across member states as the last Sundays in March and October respectively.

Under the Directive, summer time begins and ends at 1.00 am GMT in each Member State. Amendments to the Summer Time Act to implement the Directive came into force on 11 March 2002.