By Marcus Leach

Through the opening of more than 2,100 restaurants worldwide, including 1,000 new locations just in the U.S. and Canada alone, the Subway restaurant chain added approximately 21,000 new foodservice job and career opportunities in 2011.

By opening an additional 2,500 outlets, it expects to add another 25,000 positions by the end of 2012–and this doesn’t include jobs in ancillary fields, such as construction, logistics, equipment manufacturing, food processing, maintenance – an extraordinary achievement for any business, especially during these turbulent economic times.

Of these 2,500 outlets, 600 are expected to come in the UK as they look to create 6,000 new jobs over the coming three years.

“Although we have become the world’s largest restaurant chain this past year, we have never been about the numbers; we’re about the opportunities,” said Chief Development Officer Don Fertman.

“With each new Subway restaurant that opens, there is an entrepreneur that wants to own and operate his own small business and provide great food, exceptional customer service and job opportunities in his or her community.”