By Jonathan Davies

People are still facing huge "shock" phone bills after their phone has been stolen, despite promises to cap such charges, Citizens Advice has said.

Last year, the then culture secretary Maria Miller, promised that charges would be capped at £50 by Spring 2014. But Citizens Advice says victims have faced bills as high as £23,000 after having their phone stolen.

The government said it is still waiting for the industry to agree the details.

Citizens Advice claimed that as many as 160,000 people are hit these "shock" bills. The regulator, Ofcom, said the average bill is only around £65.

"The injustice of shock bills for phone crime victims must end," said Gillian Guy, the chief executive of Citizens Advice.

Vodafone said it was worried that a cap could lead to people being less worried about reporting a stolen phone.

"It's important that there remains an incentive to report a lost phone to prevent fraud, as we do not want to create an environment where it is even more attractive for criminals to focus on mobile phone theft," said a Vodafone spokeswoman.

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