By Darren Shirlaw

So many current conversations are about surviving the recession, but this misses an important point. It’s too late to think about survival, and just the right time to be planning for economic recovery.

Darren Shirlaw, internationally recognized as the leading expert on what really drives success in entrepreneurial business, explains why where your business is in its own lifecycle can be just important as what is going on in the wider economy.

And how understanding that can massively increase your chances to thrive in the coming recovery.

The Great Recession

While the so-called Great Recession focused everyone on survival, many businesses failed to appreciate their own stage in the business cycle.

But having this understanding will prepare your business for growth and help you plan for economic recovery. The simple truth is that by matching your strategy to your business stage you will be far more effective at making the taking the right strategic steps at the right time in preparing your business for growth.

For cyclical growth, businesses must continually build their infrastructure platforms and invest hard.

Timing is everything. Ideally, you want your business to be in a growth stage just as the economy is recovering. But if your business is still building new infrastructures at this time, then you’ll miss out.

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