By Thomas Eason

Content Management Systems (CMS) Buyer's Guide
, the web experience management solutions company, is a featured supplier in Econsultancy's new Content Management Systems Buyer's Guide, published 3 weeks ago. The report contains in-depth profiles of 20 leading vendors, market analysis and advice for buyers looking for a web content management (WCM) system.

The report, authored by Econsultancy's Monica Savut, covers market trends in the global content management industry and assesses the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the sector.

Key trends covered in the guide include the a growing demand for agile development and cloud-based solutions, the need for WCM systems to integrate with complementary systems through open architecture and APIs, and a continuing shift of control from IT to Marketing departments. The overall theme is the increasing requirement for WCM systems to deliver much more than just the traditional content management function.

The report states: "Requirements for WCM systems are growing beyond basic management of content, with marketers increasingly using them to directly support customer engagement processes across multiple channels and facilitate more interactive, personalised experiences. This is often referred to as 'web experience management'."

Stephen Morgan, Director of Squiz UK, is quoted in the report: "Marketing is evolving rapidly and the increasing complexity of the solutions required to deliver engaging online experiences represents a significant challenge for most marketing departments. Equally, IT departments are also having to respond to an increased pace of change and an increased technology spend by marketing departments.

"WCMS vendors that understand and embrace the intersection of marketing and technology can deliver platforms that enable marketers to evolve online channels more rapidly thanks to reduced complexity and easier interoperability with other IT systems."

The report includes a 21 page in-depth profile of the Squiz web experience management system, the Squiz Suite. It details the suite's key strengths in usability, integration, context aware content targeting, analytics and flexible deployment options.

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