By Olateju Adeleye

Getting through a typical working day in the world of business often means being able to work as flexibly as possible, as well as being able to work on the go. Technology has brought the advent of the cloud, enabling most of us to be able to communicate and collaborate with teams remotely. Microsoft Office 365 from O2 Business helps you to harness the power of the cloud to help you work anywhere. With Microsoft Office 365 your essential documents and files are all online and can be accessed and edited from any location with internet access.

So whether you’re in a taxi between meetings, enjoying a latte in a café as you work or working abroad, you’ll still be able to keep everything running smoothly.

1. Install Microsoft Office 365 across all of your devices for access anywhere

Office 365 is easy to use, with the option to include expert telephone support in your package so help is there when you need it. The days of making crisis calls to IT are over, as software is hosted and managed within the cloud allowing automatic updates, leaving you with one less thing to worry about. Microsoft Office 365 gives you access to the full package of Microsoft Office programmes; Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook and OneNote. Microsoft Office 365 also functions on a variety of devices, including PCs, Macs, Windows Tablets, iPads and smartphones and is available to install on up to five devices per individual license.

2. Use One Drive for Business to automatically store and backup all of your files

Stay in control of your documents and files whenever you’re connected to the internet. The One Drive feature form Box works as a secure library travelling with you wherever you go, also give you the option to share files easily and quickly. Microsoft Office 365 comes with 1TB of storage space, so you won’t have to worry about running out of room. To give you peace of mind, your files are automatically saved and backed up regularly too.

3. Build bespoke communications for your business

The way we speak to our customers and clients can really make a difference. Today, not all conversations can happen face to face so it is important that digital communication is personable, engaging and professional. With Microsoft Office 365, you can create a website for your business to share news and promotions as well as your services and products —so you can present your business online at its best. In addition, you can set up a business grade email, with your own company name.

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