Nearly half of businesses in South Wales don't offer any additional workplace benefits, according to a new survey.

Despite workplace benefits being widely recognised as an effective way of demonstrating value to employees, improving staff motivation and thereby increasing productivity, only 54% of employers in South Wales actually offer highly desirable benefits, including flexible hours, cycle-to-work schemes, gym membership and health plans.

The survey, by health plan provider Plutus Health, found that for many employees, additional workplace benefits would make a job much more appealing; with 40% of people in South Wales stating that health and wellbeing schemes within their work are a huge incentive and almost a third claiming workplace benefits would make them a more loyal employee. Likewise, nearly half of the respondents indicated that a job offering a specific health plan would be much more attractive.

Public Health Wales has previously emphasised the importance of additional workplace benefits, which can increase the employees desire to develop in their job and give them a greater satisfaction at work. For the employer, introducing workplace benefits can reduce levels of sickness absence in the office and highlight an organisations corporate social responsibility.

Andy Wilkins, CEO of Plutus Health, said: “Employee benefits play a fundamental role in the workplace, boosting morale, creating a healthier and more motivated workforce, and minimising the turnover rate in employees.

“It’s a great concern that nearly half of employers in South Wales aren’t offering any kind of workplace benefit, especially as basic benefits can be implemented at very little cost and administration.

“It’s clear from our survey that employees believe their employers have a responsibility towards health and wellbeing in the workplace and fortunately there are very simple and effective ways to make this happen, and in turn promote a much happier and healthier workforce.”