By Marcus Leach

Technology giants Sony have announced their arrival in the tablet market by confirming that their Tablet S is due to arrive in shops in the US, UK and Japan.

The Japanese electronics firm's device runs Google's market leading operating system Android and features a wedge-shaped design.

Apple's iPad took the market by storm, prompting Samsung and HTC to follow suit and look to compete for a share in the tablet market.

However, experts believe that whilst the Tablet S will be popular it will not pose a serious threat to Apple and the iPad.

"It looks like the best Android tablet so far," Abhishek Chauhan, associate director at Frost and Sullivan, told the BBC

"But I still think it lags behind iPad 2 in terms of overall ease of use, as well as availability of tablet-specific applications."

In a bid to compete Sony's Tablet S has several unique features to set it apart from rival tablets.

"The unique form factor shifts the device's weight closer to your palm, making it feel lighter and more comfortable while reading a book or magazine," Sony said in a press release.

Other features include the ability to play PlayStation games on the device and stream music and video to your TV or home entertainment system from the tablet.

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