By Ben Simmons

Social media is increasingly favoured for recruitment whilst networking and local press, which were previously seen as the best ways of attracting new staff, are falling out of favour.

This is according to a survey by recruitment software company, Candidate Manager.

Social Media continues to grow in popularity as a recruitment solution, with 14% of those surveyed utilising the new media. Of those that use social media to attract candidates, 92% use LinkedIn, 43% use Facebook and 32% use Twitter. It is not surprising that LinkedIn is the most widely used from of social media, as it is marked as an online networking tool. However, according to this research more companies still have a company page on Facebook (77%) than LinkedIn (66%).

The most popular form of recruitment is now corporate websites and online job boards, which are preferred by 47% to attract employees.

In terms of internal attraction, 29% of respondents stated that their company does not advertise roles on their Intranet. For the companies that do utilise this method of recruitment, 84% claimed that it works well in the hiring process.

A quarter of those that responded advised that it took two months or more to hire a new member of staff. Half of the survey respondents found that the time it takes for them to hire a new member of staff occurs over a four week period. 53% of those surveyed hoped that the hiring process would become faster in 2012.

Meanwhile 62% of respondents said that they wanted the recruitment process to become more streamlined, making it the most popular hope advancements in recruitment over 2012, followed closely by enhanced employer branding. This illustrates that companies are paying more attention to employees/potential employee’s perceptions and taking measures to ensure it is a positive and credible brand that is portrayed.

“The survey demonstrated that 2011 was a challenging year across most industries," commented Declan Whooley, Marketing Executive at Candidate Manager. "The next twelve months will be fascinating from a recruitment perspective.

"It is perhaps not surprising that the most common recruitment objective for 2012 is to streamline the recruitment process. It is interesting that our survey found that lower cost per hire was a recruitment objective for half of the respondents, while 53% wanted a faster time to hire.”

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