By Jonathan Davies

Social media firms are being told to clear up their terms & conditions on how they collect and use users' data.

MPs of the Commons Science and Technology Select Committee said the current social media terms & conditions are too long and too complicated.

A report by the committee found that many users may be using the likes of Facebook and Twitter without knowing how their data is being collected or used.

The report even described reading their T&Cs as "engaging with Shakespeare".

The Chairman of the Committee, Andrew Miller MP, said that the infamous research carried out by Facebook in which users' emotions were manipulated by posting certain things on their newsfeed "highlighted serious concerns about the extent to which ticking the 'terms and conditions' box can be said to constitute informed consent when it comes to the varied ways data is now being used by many websites and apps".

The report calls on the government to set a standard to which social network firms can adhere to.

Facebook recently updated its terms & conditions policy, claiming that it "listened to people who have asked us to better explain how we get and use information".

Twitter published a blog explaining its terms & conditions.

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