By Max Clarke

A midlands-based egg supplier launched his own renewable energy business after more than 30 years due to the soaring cost of energy.

The increasing cost of supplying his business with energy led to John Bowler, formerly of John Bowler’s Eggs, to diversify his power supply. He began looking for alternative sources to power his business, but found impartial, practical advice hard to come by. Mr. Bowler recognised this gap in the market and launched ‘Bowler Energy’.

Bowler Energy provides a full consultancy on renewable projects to generate electricity, save costs and raise revenue; offering a full turnkey package to anyone considering a renewable energy project, including the planning process, installation and ongoing maintenance as they already had extensive experience and in-house expertise to support customers.

“We have been in the business of setting people up to produce free range eggs for over 30 years and electricity costs are at an all-time high,” said Bolwer Energy’s Mick Thomas. “We needed to find an alternative solution and began our research.

“This led us to understand the need for renewable energy experts and decided that not only could we share what we had learned with our own customers and suppliers but with the wider industry. Having installed our own wind turbine and ground and roof mounted PV systems, we have seen the direct benefits it can bring to a business and are already involved in a further sixty projects nationwide.”

Bowler Energy is a client of Barclays Corporate, who have helped Mr. Bowler launch his new business with fiscal injections, as well a guidance.