By Pippa Bourne, regional director, ICAEW.

The recent Olympics and Paralympics have been an outstanding success, not only for the medals, feats of sporting excellence beyond our dreams and the spirit of friendliness and openness, but as being the most sustainable games ever.

Why is being sustainable important for the Olympics and for us? Well it is all about that often used word.... legacy.

The legacy of the Olympics is not just about inspiring a new generation to take up sport; it is about creating a world and an environment that will continue to prosper. With over four billion people watching and over 200 countries taking part, this was an opportunity not to be missed.

Sustainable measures for the event have included using existing venues where possible, diverting waste from landfills, by recycling and reusing waste, all restaurants in the Olympic Park signing up to a ‘Food Vision’ that means they source ingredients locally, as well as selling off items used in the Games through website remainsofthegames.co.uk.

Similarly, a sustainable business is a thriving business. Without taking regard for the resources it uses, the financial plans it puts in place, the people who work for it and the community it serves, a business will not survive long term.

ICAEW are passionate about developing tools and sharing good practice for businesses in order for them to see how being sustainable is not only good for the planet, but good for the bottom line and their long term future.

One of the tools we have developed is a dedicated website called www.icaew.com/justgoodbusiness where there are short engaging video case studies of businesses which have embraced and embedded sustainability successfully. There are also details of further sources of information and help which is available for your own business. The films are of real companies and real situations, looking at their businesses and their solutions.

As ICAEW chief executive Michael Izza says in his introduction to Just Good Business, “Sustainability is not just about the green movement or climate change it is about making your business as efficient as it can be for a sustainable future.”

For more information www.icaew.com/sustainability and www.icaew.com/justgoodbusiness