Vodafone helps keep British business working during the big freeze as more people work from home

By Claire West

Britain's big freeze is testing the ability of businesses to allow staff to work remotely when they can't get into the office.

Companies who are set up to work remotely are likely to be benefiting from the snow sweeping the country at the expense of less flexible rivals. Recent research from Vodafone has shown businesses with access to remote working can maintain an advantage over their competitors - 89% of businesses would actively seek out a businesses partner who can work remotely.

Vodafone[b]'s recent Critical Response Time Index showed that a third (33%) of businesses would be concerned that inflexible business partners would be unable to compete.

Peter Kelly, Enterprise Director from [b]Vodafone UK said: "Our research has shown 27% of businesses expect a response to an initial email within 60 minutes. That expectation doesn't change just because of the weather. Our reliable network and flexible working solutions enable businesses to stay in touch with colleagues and customers whatever the weather," he added.

Calls made on odafone UK's network on Wednesday 1 December were up more than 17% on the previous week with workers phoning in to the office or working at home. Text traffic was also up by more than 15%.

Vodafone provides flexible and mobile working solutions for large and small businesses as well as offering Vodafone Sure Signal, which boosts Vodafone's 3G mobile signal at home or at work. Usage of Vodafone Sure Signal rose 25% yesterday, compared with an average working day, indicating a very high level of home-working.

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