By Andy Preston, leading expert on sales for small businesses.

Don’t let the snowy weather and prospect of lazy Friday afternoons and Christmas parties distract you from bringing in the sales, as this could be the prime time to pick up some your best deals of the year, claims UK sales expert Andy Preston.

Despite the poor weather playing havoc with transport and inevitably affecting business productivity across the country as salespeople struggle to get into work, Andy Preston is urging sales teams, managers and business owners to keep their eye on the ball and maintain momentum if they want to get the New Year off to an exceptional start.

"The snow has the same effect on people as Friday afternoon syndrome, when people assume there is no point in making any calls as no-one will be there or they won't want to take the call. Adversity can sort the best salespeople from the rest and the top salespeople will take quiet times as an opportunity to build connections and rapport with new clients when their competition aren’t even trying" says Preston.

With reports claiming that one in five adults stayed away from work during the snow, Preston believes that many businesses missed out on crucial opportunities to make headway with sales calls when other firms had taken their eye off the ball.

“I've closed many major sales leads at such times and I'm pretty sure there were deals to be made during the bad weather for those who were bold enough to make the call. Business is picking up for many and I’m hearing time and time again from businesses that they’ve never been so busy this close to Christmas. For those savvy enough to remain motivated, the next few weeks will present a fantastic opportunity to grow the sales pipeline,” adds Preston.