By Claire West

With competition for jobs higher than ever, the secret to impressing employers and keeping staff happy might just be under your nose. New research of 1000 UK adults shows that smelling good increases your chances of success in interviews, as 1 in 20 Brits have rejected a job applicant because of how they smelled.

The research, commissioned by leading flexible workspace provider, Avanta, shows that 57% of Brits agree that smell is detrimental to your job prospects with workers aged between 25 and 34 being the most odour conscious at work. Unsurprisingly, women place a greater emphasis on smelling good to succeed (60% vs. 53%) however men are almost twice as likely to reject a job applicant because they had overpowering aftershave/perfume (7% vs. 4%).

In the office, 2/3 of people agree that how your office smells affects your productivity, morale and attitude, with those aged 25-34 placing far more importance on office aroma than their more senior colleagues aged 55+ (73% vs. 57%).

The top office olfactory offenders are:

• The toilets (41%)
• People eating fish at their desks (37%)
• The bins (33%)
• People eating curry at their desks (29%)
• Colleagues taking their shoes off (25%)
• ‘My’ colleagues (12%)

To ensure their office environments are always the most conducive to productivity, Avanta created a signature scent with renowned perfumer, Ruth Mastenbroek, for its offices.

Ruth explains: “Smell is the most powerful of the senses and is best able to influence brain activity. The Olfactory bulb in the brain is responsible for the perception of smell, and is part of the limbic system that directly connects to the areas of the brain that process emotion and learning. This is one of the reasons why so often something that we smell will trigger a memory of something, or someone.

“Aromatherapy probably isn't the first tool you think of to help boost your productivity and stimulate your business, but perhaps it should be!”