By Daniel Hunter

Brits used now use smartphones for internet access more than any other device, according to new figures from Ofcom.

The communications regulator said 33% of internet use in 2014 was carried out on a smartphone, compared with 30% using laptops. It is the first time smartphones have been the most widely used device for internet access, and Ofcom described it as a "landmark moment".

According to Ofcom's annual Commuications Market report, the average adult in the UK spend two hours per day accessing the internet on their smartphone.

"We've reached a landmark moment where the smartphone has become the most important way for people to get online - just last year laptops were in first place," Ofcom director of market intelligence Jane Rumble said.

Mr Rumble said 90% of British homes have access to a 4G network, which is set to rise to 98% by 2017, and 23.6 million used 4G in 2014.

The figures show that more than half of those using 4G used it to shop online. 4G users also did more banking, instant messaging and watched more videos than those without it.

Ofcom said tablet use is up 10%, however it is being used at home with a WiFi connection, rather than as a mobile device on-the-go.

"They tend to be more family or household equipment, shared in the home, using wifi - they are very much home devices," Ms Rumble said.