By Daniel Hunter

Only 1% of people have bought something via a social media site, but 30% have shopped via smartphone, the findings of a new UK study.

The study of online shopping habits among 1,195 people was conducted by uSamp, a leader in providing targeted audiences for consumer insights and SaaS technologies for engagement and business intelligence.

The results showed that smartphone usage for shopping is on the rise: 88% of people said they had used their phones more for shopping in the last 12 months than in the previous year.

One in three of those surveyed had already made a purchase via their phone and a further 28% said they would consider it. Convenience was the most cited reason (60%) to shop via phone, with special offers driving another 18% to do so.

The main reasons not to shop via phone were security (21%) and the size of screen (30%).

But while smartphone usage is on the rise, 54% of people said shopping via a social network had never even occurred to them. However, of those who had made a purchase via a social network, it was a special offer that drove them to do so rather than a recommendation from a friend. 17% said friends didn’t influence them at all and 68% said that their peers only influenced them a little bit.

The survey also revealed that 97% of people have shopped online and that security was only a concern for 1% of those surveyed. Typing an address of a trusted brand into a browser was still the most popular way to find goods (55%) with 43% of respondents using search engines for product and pricing comparisons.

“Our study shows that while shopping via smartphone has grown significantly in the last year, people are still not really using social networks as a medium for purchasing," Gaelle Normand, MD of uSamp Europe, commented.

"We will no doubt see large growth in both smartphone and social media shopping as brands adapt their offerings to both mediums, so consumers can purchase their favourite products as they chat with friends, surf from home or via their phones on the move.”

The research of UK consumers aged between 25 and 55 was carried out by uSamp in January 2012 from their global proprietary panel of 6.5 million respondents.

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