By Alexia Leachman, Founder of www.headtrash.co.uk

As we mentioned earlier in this newsletter, Linked In introduced a new Company Page layout with improved features in October 2012. Just like the less professionally-centred social media sites Facebook one of the biggest changes was the banner picture along the top of the page, allowing a company to be instantly identifiable (if used correctly!).

Sell your products and services better

A very nice innovation with regard to the Company Page is the Homepage box allowing for a listing of products and services. Offering three different rotating banners, you could also feature free giveaway here such as a whitepaper download (ie of tips and advice).

Other features include a Recommendations box and a Careers showcase where you can advertise for new staff.

Company Updates

The design makes these more visible, and therefore meaningful. Use these boxes to advertise special promotions you may be running, advise on forthcoming events and even to run market research feedback surveys. A new tab even allows you to target your updates more effectively so that they always go to particular groups. Meanwhile, what would a social marketing site be without Insights? LinkedIn allows you to monitor the number of views your posts have received, along with age, region, sex demographics.

New Technology

LinkedIn has now made it easier for your company updates and status to be picked up via mobile devices, thanks to their new Linked In app. This means there’s even more chance of your company being seen and more easily found data for search engines.


Gain up to 200 followers, say LinkedIn, and you’ll really notice a difference in how your Page is picked up via search engines and their own site. In other words, with a little bit of extra effort your company could really enhance its presence on the web — and for free!

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