By Daniel Hunter

Backing up consumer research released this week that shows the UK public are positive about the Olympics a year on, AXA Business Insurance research reveals small businesses are also upbeat about the Olympic effect.

Ahead of the Olympics in 2012, AXA polled small businesses about their view of the games. Just 10 per cent said they felt the event would be positive for their business. When polled again a year later, 15 per cent felt the games had been positive for business during the actual games. While an additional 13 per cent felt that they had seen benefit during and after the games and 2 per cent had seen positive effects in the year since the games — a total of 30 per cent showing a positive response.

This reflects the overwhelmingly positive views from consumers which show that more than two thirds of people believed the games were worth it and that 74 per cent would welcome them back in the UK.

Gordon Rutherford, head of marketing and e-commerce at AXA Business Insurance says: “It is great to see that three times as many SMEs saw benefit from the games than had anticipated it in advance.

“We hope that the Olympic effect coupled with the general optimism[3] that we know is abundant among the SME community at the moment means the growth of small businesses in the UK can continue to thrive and provide the bedrock for the UK economy.”.

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