By Marcus Leach

Thousands of small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) are turning to specialist people tracing firms in a bid to track down former clients in the hope or regaining their business.

It’s believed a tough business environment has encouraged firms to use the service in an attempt to rekindle old business relationships to offset falling new business enquiries.

Now companies are turning to people tracing companies in a bid to track down former clients who they’ve fallen out of touch with.

Typical techniques used by the tracers include using accessing credit reference systems and address information.

One such firm,, have seen demand for their services from SMEs rise by more than a third to date this year.

The firm say a significant proportion of its new work has come from SMEs looking to reconnect with past clients and customers in an effort to boost revenues in the absence of new business.

“Companies that have previously had a steady flow of new clients are now recognising the value of their existing database as a way of generating leads but many have let the quality of the data slip," director Ryan Shaw said.

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