By Mike Smith, Director SoHo & SME, Virgin Media Business

2015 is the year for small and medium-sized businesses to seize their own opportunity from the economic revival and upgrade their technical capabilities to go for growth.

"Driving their online footprint and extending customer reach will be key to how well SMEs fare in the year ahead. Embracing the on-going transformation of digital skills and content‏ will make this achievable.

This is the year to go for growth. As the economy rebounds and begins to pull ahead, the company that skills up and re-engineers for growth is the company poised for early returns.

Businesses bold enough to ‏invest now in digital skills and technology are likely to reap the benefits, not only in financial terms, but to the betterment of their staff, workplace and customers.

Our SMEs are uniquely placed to make the rebound of UK PLC even more power‏ful. The latest figures show that the annual income of small businesses grew by 7.4% in 2014, the highest rate of growth for more than 14 years.

Businesses which seize the digital challenge will do even better.