By Daniel Hunter

British Gas and E.On have been criticised for excluding small businesses from recent energy price cuts by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).

“Why are small businesses unfairly left out in the cold again?" asked Mike Cherry, FSB National Policy Chairman, asked.

British Gas yesterday (Monday) announced a 5% price cut to household gas bills. Last week, E.On became the first energy supplier to announce cuts, reducing its prices by 3.5%.

Mike Cherry said: "We need assurances by the big energy firms that the decreasing cost of wholesale oil and gas prices will be passed on to business customers, just like domestic customers.

“FSB members frequently say how the cost of energy is a make or break issue. There is far less transparency around pricing in the business market, making it hard for small firms to know if they’re getting the best deal. This latest development by British Gas and E.On will only enhance the view of many of our business members, that they are receiving a second rate service from suppliers.”

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