By Daniel Hunter

If the latest survey from the Federation of Small Businesses is anything to go by, it’s still a tough climate for start-ups in the United Kingdom.

Publishing a 50% failure rate during the first year, and 95% by year five, businesses continue to require a lifeline in order to stay afloat.

According to Daryl Woodhouse, Founding Partner for Advantage Business Partnerships Ltd, the reasons for failure are nothing new.

“There are a myriad of factors keeping the failure statistics so high, from poor business planning and poor marketing right through to a lack of finance and failure to embrace new technology — the causes haven’t changed and the threat of failure remains unreasonable high” he says.

Daryl and his team at Advantage Business Partnerships agree that in order to avoid becoming a statistic, businesses require a helping hand.

“Business owners may have lost the passion they had when they originally started the business due to being consumed by business. Being a business owner can also be a lonely experience” he adds.

Wanting to provide the required assistance, Advantage Business Partnerships offer many services to keep businesses open, profitable and growing.

The company’s key goal is to lower the chances of a business failing, achieved by identifying current risks and turning them around. By helping people becoming a leader for their business, rather than being led, they report excellent results with their clients in London and the Home Counties.

“We have a team with solid track records of building successful and profitable businesses “says Daryl.

“We provide a range of tailored growth programmes to meet the needs of a business at each key stage in its development.”

These programmes include their partnership network, master classes and specialist events. Geared towards helping business leaders grow their prospects, while maintaining a sensible work/life balance, many clients see Advantage Business Partnerships as an extension of their own team.

Working closely with a selected panel of Expert Partners who are highly regarded in their own fields of expertise, Advantage Business Partnerships utilise them for assistance in finance, legal, human resources and specialised industry expertise.

Clients can take advantage of a tailor-made package, as well as affordable monthly master classes — each coming with a dedicated Advantage Partner.

“We have a proven track record of improving businesses — by utilizing a diverse team of experts, as well as encouraging our clients to learn from each other, we’re confident any business can become part of the profitable 5%” concludes Daryl.

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