By Maximilian Clarke

Small businesses are being overwhelmed by the number of digital direct marketing channels now available to them.

In a recent survey conducted by, 79% of respondents felt that they weren’t making full use of the online marketing channels available to them. 

With customer attention becoming ever more fragmented, it’s harder than ever for small businesses to make the best use of the different online channels with the limited resources they have available. 

In the last few years the choice of digital direct marketing channels has exploded, with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SMS, mobile and email marketing all having a role to play, not to mention the many more niche channels now available. Different customers prefer different channels and different messages suit different mediums - but managing such a large range of options demands more time from marketers, leaving many unable to benefit from the full potential that a truly integrated marketing approach can provide. 

To help businesses realise the full potential of their online marketing, have just released a new version of their online marketing platform. The brand new release enables marketers to completely manage their email, mobile, Facebook and Twitter marketing from a single login.

As well as email newsletters and 2-way SMS marketing, the online service now includes a complete social CRM, with Facebook page and Twitter stream management tools that make it easy for marketers to identify and engage with their customers through multiple channels and view in-depth analytics that help them identify key customers and winning strategies.’s CEO, Matt McNeill said ‘We’ve seen the opportunities for businesses to engage with their customers online grow dramatically in the last few years, but this has demanded more time and resources from marketers - something that’s often hard to find in the current economic climate. We wanted to make it easy for small businesses to be able to reap the benefits from using multiple online marketing channels in an integrated way, so we’ve invested heavily in producing what we think is the simplest, most accountable way for them to do that.’ 

‘With a single login, businesses can now take control of their online marketing.’

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