By Daniel Hunter

Over half of businesses (57%) believe their energy suppliers use too much complex jargon that could be hindering them in getting the best deal for their energy, according to new research commissioned by British Gas.

The research reveals that a quarter of businesses (24%) say they spend too long dealing with their energy bills, contracts and pricing renewals because of the jargon that is used by suppliers. An additional 25 percent say they would need to spend more time trying to understand their energy use and contracts to feel confident they are getting the best deal.

In a tough economic climate when business owners are short on time, many businesses risk missing out on the best price for their energy by not having a full grasp of the common terms used in contracts and billing.

For instance, over three quarters (77%) of businesses say they can’t fully explain the term ‘deemed pricing’, even though being on a deemed price contract means paying a higher price for energy compared to normal contract rates. A third (34%) of businesses are now calling for the energy industry to publish guides on managing energy in simple and easy to understand language.

In response to this frustration, British Gas has worked with Plain English Campaign to launch Energy Made Simple — an industry-first online guide to help businesses better understand information about the energy they use to run their business. The online guide has been developed with the help of a panel of British Gas business customers and the account managers who speak to businesses about their energy use every day.

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