By Daniel Hunter

Slingshot Sponsorship, a leading sponsorship agency in London, have announced that they have expanded their popular Slingshot Sponsorship Bootcamp training to also now provide full day, in-depth Sponsorship Sessions held each month in London.

The sole aim of the Sponsorship Sessions will be to provide organisations and businesses expertise on how to utilise partnerships to drive their business forward.

Sponsorship is the best way to integrate additional revenue across all businesses — whether partnerships are integrated to share costs, join up marketing budgets, or reduce expenses. The Slingshot Sessions can help you achieve all of this in one intense day of specialist training. By working in a small team, industry expert Jackie Fast (MD of Slingshot Sponsorship) will create a tailored training programme for each attendee in order to help pinpoint challenges and create strategies and tools to overcome them.

Slingshot Sponsorship managing director, Jackie Fast, said: “Unfortunately, typical sponsorship training and education often fails to address the different challenges organisations face when tackling sponsorship. To be successful, one needs to really question these variables in order to recommend the right sponsorship strategy. The Sponsorship Sessions allow us to do this by working in very small groups with a format that encompasses absolutely everything teams need to learn to truly develop commercially. The success we have had with our training programme has even shocked me - having helped raise £1.27m additional sponsorship revenue for our attendees in the last three years alone. Having kept our Bootcamp under wraps for the last three years, I am absolutely thrilled to be bringing this training scheme out to the masses!”

The Sponsorship Sessions combine the need for high level training at the cost of attending a conference — ensuring that attendees walk away with a clear direction on how to build the right sponsorship programme for their organisation.

Previous Slingshot Sponsorship Bootcamp attendee Charlene Asamoah, Corporate Fundraising Manager from Parkinson’s UK, said: “It was absolutely amazing bringing Slingshot Sponsorship to Parkinson’s UK and I truly believe it was one of the best things I have done whilst working here. Our entire team have changed dramatically and it’s all for the better!”

The next Slingshot Sponsorship Session will take place on Thursday 22nd January. More information on the agenda and booking can be found here:

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