By Thomas Eason

LONDON, 20 FEBRUARY 2012 - SkyDox, a leading provider of cloud-enabled file sharing, file synchronization, file storage, and collaboration tools, announced today that it has successfully completed the Government Procurement Service vendor tender process of the G-Cloud initiative and has been awarded a “Framework Agreement for the Provision of G-Cloud Services.”

Under the terms of the agreement, SkyDox is eligible and fully accredited to provide SaaS-based services to any public sector organization, including local authorities and government departments. The company was awarded the accreditation after completing a rigorous 500-point review of all aspects of its cloud-enabled file sharing, file synchronization, file storage, and collaboration platform.

The review covered commercial and technical due diligence that included security, availability, and support organization as well as its service functionality footprint.
With the coalition government setting out severe and comprehensive spending cuts of 20%, the use of cloud-based infrastructure and services across government organisations is more relevant than ever.

SkyDox’s software as a service platform leverages a secure, shared infrastructure that can be provisioned and scaled as required, saving government departments and constituent public sector organizations money as well as helping to improve the productivity of the public sector workforce. The "G-Cloud strategy” will support everything, including data center infrastructures, shared email solutions, collaboration tools, document sharing, and customer service tools.

It is predicted that by 2015, 80% of government departments could be using various aspects of the G-Cloud. SkyDox is well-positioned to become part of the internal “government app store" which will allow its service to be easily shared and distributed amongst government departments. Its service allows users to securely share and collaborate with external parties without incurring any additional costs. This is particularly relevant as most public sector organizations deal with a vast array of suppliers, partners, service users, and other departments.

The feature-rich SkyDox application goes beyond the basic file sharing and collaboration services offered by other tools. It enables users to co-author and manage files while working from the office, remotely, and through mobile devices. It also delivers a range of social business tools such as activity feeds, presence indicators, online meetings, and dynamic alerts for when materials are uploaded or modified and when new comments are posted.

SkyDox allows users to assign folder and document level access rights and permissions to prevent confidential files from being downloaded or passed on to another party without authorization. The ability to track file access and viewing at a page level also allows users to determine if and when the document was opened, with whom it was shared, and which pages attracted the most interest.

Ali Moinuddin, CMO at SkyDox, commented, “SkyDox is very pleased to be able to actively participate in the new G-Cloud community and leverage its expertise in delivering public sector services to meet their very particular requirements. SkyDox delivers highly cost effective file sharing, file synchronization, and collaboration tools, making it easy to securely store, share, and access files from any browser-enabled device.”