By Daniel Hunter

BSkyB must make SkySports 1 and SkySports 2 channels available to BT's YouView service, a UK court has ruled.

BT complained to Ofcom last year about Sky's refusal to allow its sports channels to air on YouView.

Four years ago, Ofcom ruled that SkySports channels should be available to other pay TV services in a similar dispute between BSkyB and Virgin Media.

The ruling from the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) isn't final. The final decision will come once more evidence has been supplied, but it unlikely that it will be overturned.

Ofcom said it was better for consumers and encouraged competition.

Ed Richards, Ofcom's chief executive, said in a statement: "After more than four years of litigation and legal challenges, Ofcom's 2010 pay TV decision continues to serve the interests of UK consumers and this ruling is consistent with our original decision."

BT has been trying to fight BSkyB's dominance of sports broadcasting over the last couple of years with the launch of BT Sport. It even secured exclusive rights for the UEFA Champions League from the 2015/16 season in a record deal.

BT said: "BT has always maintained that Ofcom was correct to impose the 'wholesale must offer' (WMO) on Sky and this remedy remains essential to address the significant competition concerns with Sky's supply of its channels. We look forward to being able to offer these channels to our YouView customers very shortly."

But BSkyB intends to fight the ruling. "Today's judgment is a purely interim measure with no impact on the ongoing legal process or the CAT's previous dismissal of Ofcom's core argument in favour of WMO," a Sky spokesperson said.

"Ofcom itself is reviewing WMO in light of market developments and we continue to believe that this unwarranted obligation should be removed entirely."

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