By Max Clarke

BP (LSE: BP) has become the latest company to bemoan the UK’s skills shortage.

The oil giant's head of operations, Trevor Garlick, told the Sunday Telegraph that BP’s £3bn plan to redevelop two North Sea oil fields was being held back by a lack of homegrown talent.

"…getting hold of the right people is a real issue for us,” said Garlick. “We are hiring a lot people, but we are also an exporter of a couple of hundred people to other regions [in BP]. We are centre for recruiting elsewhere."

Garlick’s views are echoed by leading business organisation, the Confederation of British Industry, who recently called for an overhaul of the UK’s science education in order to address the shortage of engineers.

The shortage, said the CBI’s policy director, Katja Hall, remained the greatest barrier to long-term industrial growth. Said Hall:

“To ensure the UK retains its competitive edge, the Government must do more to emphasise education in engineering and manufacturing to guarantee its future workforce has the appropriate skills to deliver the sector’s needs.”

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