Shopping with smaller businesses doesn't just boost the local economy, it makes us happier than shopping with larger retailers.

A study of 2,000 adults by Avery WePrint found that 80% of shoppers feel happy or content after making a purchase from a small retailer. That figure drops to just 53% when shopping with a large retailer.

Getting haircuts, going to a local restaurant, buying fresh fruit & veg, and a tea or coffee are among some of the most common purchases from small, local businesses. And the research found that such purchases actually made a quarter of shoppers feel good about themselves.

Fiona Mills, Avery WePrint marketing director, said: "We want to encourage these organisations to celebrate their status as a small business, it’s something very special. There’s no feeling quite like starting and growing your own business, so why not shout about it?"

Sixty per cent of shoppers said the personalised service offered was the biggest attraction or benefit when buying from a small business. Customer service, feeling valued and being able to deal with the same staff were among the biggest benefits.

On the other hand, 58% said they had experienced poor customer service with a big business, including unpleasant staff, being ignored or forgotten about and receiving an impersonal service.

“Businesses of all sizes can learn from one another, what’s important as a business grows is not to lose sight of the values and service levels that were there in the beginning," said Ms Mills.

"Customers say they feel valued by small companies and that’s something every business should be trying to emulate.”