The Shift 100 has been put together to identify marketing and advertising technology entrepreneurs who are reinventing advertising and marketing in a digital world.

The Shift 100 entrepreneurs are at the forefront of the industries revolutionary change; shifting gears to meet the higher expectations of the modern, empowered consumer with greater speed, flexibility and efficiency.

Twitter: @VidsyHQFacebook: @vidsysocial

The founders met at a 48hr hackathon where they worked on an idea around video in advertising. Alter the event they discussed how they can turn our idea into reality and then formed Vidsy.

Vidsy crowd-sources the production of micro-video content for brands; enabling them to develop a direct connection with a millennial audience and drive engagement online.

USP: creator network and content platform is the new way for marketers to create video for various markets, in a range of styles, for multiple channels at scale.

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