By Claire West

Millionaire recruitment expert, Chris Smith, has spotted seven common mistakes made by employers during the recruitment process and has offered advice on how to avoid them.

The extensive document is available to download for free in pdf format from yourpeoplemarket..com

The document outlines the seven most common mistakes employers make when they're recruiting new talent and offers advice on how to avoid them.

Mistakes that Chris has spotted include:

* Being put off by 'job hoppers'
* Failing to identify transferable skills
* Relying on an interview to assess candidates

Chris Smith has been in recruitment for twenty years and is the founder of yourpeoplemarket.com

He commented: "We see the same mistakes all the time and they make everyone's job harder than it needs to be; the recruitment agency, the candidates and the employer.

"By following this guide employers will find the recruitment process much less painful and it's relevant to everyone from the smallest companies to the largest corporations."

Employers who download the report will also be given access to more free information on the recruitment process.

Chris has put together a detailed, step-by-step guide on the entire recruitment process, which will be available to registrants on the yourpeoplemarket.com website..

He said: "The second report is extremely detailed and covers everything from where to put your advert, all the way through to your new employee's first review.

"It's an exhaustive instruction manual on how to get the best from the busy job market: no employer should be without it.

Chris set up yourpeoplemarket.com after selling ecrmpeople, a highly successful recruitment company.